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I Swear On My Life, I Don’t Play On My Vajayjay’- Shensea Opens Up On Affair With Drake

A few months after initially denying ever being impregnated by Drake, Shensea finally spoken out the allegations during his press tour for her album.

Shensea didn’t let the hullabaloo last year’s where fan was wondering about Shensea and Drake keep from going all out to show her unique singing talents.

Her first body of work, Alpha, was released a few months later to raving acclaim. Drake wasn’t involved in the project, yet she was nonetheless featured with Drake.

She opened going through a sad phase in July of last year as a result of her mother’s untimely passing.

In the same IG Live, Shensea clarified that the anonymous blogger who claimed she was pregnant fabricated it.

“I would make a record with Drake. He’s pretty talented,” ShenYeng said, adding that she is passionate about music there is no bad blood between them.

Speaking in a recent interview on The Shade Room’s “Keep It 100” podcast, Shensea intimated that if she had the chance, she would collaborate with Drake.

“So of course why not. I’m passionate about my music so when it comes on to stuff like that, as long as we don’t have any bad blood, let the public talk. I don’t have no problem with Drake.”

Shenseea also denied having intimacy with Drake ever before at it is being rumored. “We’ve had conversations before,” she added. “But to the point where they’re talking about us doing whatever? I swear on my life—no. That’s what got me mad ’cause like, don’t play with my vajayjay like that.”


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