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“He Is A Graduate Already” – Little Boy Impresses People With His Intelligence On First Day Of School

A little boy is currently the talk of social media after a video of him showing off his brilliance after his first day in school surfaced on the internet.

To the surprise of his parents, the little boy known as Simon was responding to questions by his parents after returning from school while donning his uniform outfit.

One by one he was asked to identify all the alphabets and he answered accurately without any aid or tip from anybody and he did it effortlessly.

Nigerians after watching the video were stunned by the intelligence of the kid and heaped praises on the parents for training the child well and remarked that the boy is already a graduate.

Kemi said:
“Wow he is so Intelligent. How did you teach him this at his young age?”

Sultea reacted:
“This is amazing. Little boy already knows his alphabets before resuming school. That’s lovely.”

Watch the video below:

the fitnesstrainer said;

It is the way he is throwing the letters on the floor like nothing concern this user with arranging 😂😂😂😂 thjs is too cute 🥰

sauceprince1 said;

Very handsome and brilliant boy, that’s good parenting. You will know his parents are amazing and God gave them an amazing son to the world, please ensure he leaves Nigeria, so he can become what you and GOD wants him to be.

alexisdeka said;

His parents are good team players and intelligent too! period!!! Now I want to have kids🥹🧡 who wants to be a father?🥰😩


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