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Beyoncé Ordered An Entire Security Team To Drop Blue Ivy Off At Preschool And It Cost A Fortune

These days, Beyoncé prefers to live a quiet life, away from the media as much as possible. The icon revealed that she’d rather answer press questions in letters, given that her words in live interviews are often misinterpreted.

Despite the lack of interest in the media, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are always thrust into the spotlight, especially given their fame and fortune. However, given such a high profile, the couple is very cautious when it comes to security measures.

In the following, we’ll take a look at the insane amount the couple has spent on security, especially when it comes to Blue Ivy. In addition, we’ll identify situations in which the couple caused a bit of chaos, once again, in large part thanks to their massive security team.

Beyoncé And Jay-Z Are Known For Spending Outrageous Amounts On Security Teams

Given that Jay-Z has a net worth in the billions, while Beyoncé herself isn’t too far away at $500 million, the couple is not concerned when it comes to certain costs. That was the case when hiring a nanny, and the same holds true for how they spend on security.

According to Haute Living, back in 2013, Jay-Z spent an outrageous amount on revamping his entire security team, especially since Blue Ivy had entered the picture. The estimated amount invested was said to be in the ballpark of $4 million.

“Jay hired five new personal security guards, all former intelligent agents, to accompany the five guards who already travel with Beyoncé when she travels,” a source tells TheFIX.

“He’s freaked out after what happened on the weekend,” added the insider, “and believes he’ll only feel relaxed if he knows he’s covered all bases for Beyoncé and Blue.”

The couple went overboard during their 2014 tour, in which Blue Ivy was also a part of. It is said the couple had 500 security staff members around.

“Beyoncé and Jay-Z have called in 500 security staff to protect them and their daughter Blue Ivy during their upcoming ‘On The Run’ world tour,” Evening Standard reported.

The Blue Ivy protection plan went even further and that included once she was dropped off at pre-school…

At Three Years Old, Blue Ivy Already Had Two Cars And Three Bodyguards Drop Her Off At Pre-School

That’s right, according to In Touch Weekly, Blue Ivy had entire security team around her upon the arrival at her pre-school.

“A security motorcade drops her off and picks her up from school,” an insider at Blue’s West Hollywood preschool tells ‘In Touch.’ “There are two cars and three bodyguards,” the report stated.

As one might expect, the amount of commotion did not sit well with the other parents, especially given that the team of security was causing traffic jams in front of the school.

It is said that other celebrity kids also attended the same school, but it took one car to drop them off, not an entire team. “Beyoncé and Jay Z have made things a huge hassle,” says the insider, adding, “Other celebrity kids get dropped off by one driver, not an entire staff,” the In Touch Weekly source added.

It was quite the hassle though in truth, it wasn’t the first time Blue Ivy and her parents got media attention for disrupting public areas.

It Wasn’t The First Time Blue Ivy’s Security Team Caused Chaos



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