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Ghanaian YouTuber, Wode Maya Ties Knot With Fiancee, Check Out The Staggering Amount He Used For His Marriage Ceremony

Ghanaian YouTuber, Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon who is known as Wode Maya has tied the knot with his fiancee.

He got married to his fiancee at a private ceremony and the amount he used to do the wedding has popped up.

According to a post on the popular social media platform, Facebook, the popular and award-winning personality used GHC 10,000 for his marriage ceremony.

The post reads;

“Rich man, Wode Maya, got married to a graduate and a career woman, Trude.
The couple reportedly spent 10,000 ($1000) Ghana cedis only.

Kojo Okoto, a hustler elsewhere wants to marry Ama who is completely unemployed and SHS graduate with 10,000 as budget. Ama, who is basically hungry, says it is not enough. Kojo is f00lishly planning to go for a loan in addition because he loves hungry Ama…..

This life 🤔

Congrats, Wode Maya ✍🏿”


Some reactions the post got are;

Courage Qwame Dzide – This is not logical
Marriage is a one-time thing and many want to keep it memorable.
Allow people do what they desire.
Its their own ‘ cup of tea’ if they’ll take loan to make their union what they desire.
It’s not a crime to take loans to do what will make you feel proud.
What of those who take loans to establish business and the end becomes losses ?
It’s a choice, it might work for others and not work for others too.

Nelson Opoku – 😂😂🤣🤣 Maya did not do the wedding in Ghana …i guess that bill would have gone far up by our indomie gals here

Bohyeba Osei Minista – I won’t spend more than 6000 for my wedding even if I become dangote


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