‘See 8 Africa Female Celebs Allegedly Sleeping With Their Personal Bodyguards

Check out these eight African female celebrities who are sleeping with their own bodyguards.

When it comes to dating, men will search for a wonderful and loving wife who, of course, is gorgeous according to the relative criteria that are currently in place.

For women, the situation is a little more challenging because they frequently seek out a stable man who is also financially and physically capable.

A man is thought to have a gym body if he can guard a woman, which is usually a bonus.

This is the rationale behind why some famous Kenyan women have choose to date either their personal bodyguards or the fitness trainers at the gym where they exercise.

1. Jowi and Monica Kimani:

Joseph Irungu, often known as Jowie, dated Monica Kimani before becoming the main suspect in her murder.

Jowie, however, had been serving as Monica’s personal guard prior to things going south and their relationship developing. Jowie is a certified personal guard.

2. MP Aisha Jumwa:

Rep. Malindi Aisha Jumwa had fallen in love with Geofrey Otieno six years earlier when he was her personal assistant.

The two were charged with murdering Ngumbao Jola, making this information public knowledge.

Aisha had a romantic involvement with her assistant in Malindi, and the two were constantly together, despite the fact that Otieno was already married and had two children.

3. Akothee:

Akothee has been seeing Nelly Oaks, a well-known Kenyan musician. A cost-controlling boss and a fitness trainer

Later, Nelly Oaks would be promoted to assistant, following which she would become a partner and personal assistant to Akothee’s children.

4. Corazon Kwamboka:

Frankie, a popular Instagram trainer, was chosen by the Kenyan socialite known for her huge behind.

Frankie would eventually transition from being a trainer to Kwamboka’s baby daddy.

5. Natalie Tewa:

The bulk of their followers, who are in their twenties, looked to them as one of their relationship goals before they were divorced, which was one of the most difficult divorces of 2019.

Apart from that, Natalie Tewa was seeing a strong, attractive man who worked out with her and served as her personal trainer.

Many others who hoped they could have dole-like bodies also envied Tewa’s figure.

6. Natasha:

Because Diamond is Natasha’s lover, Natasha has come up in conversation at this point.

If they want to look as wonderful as the Tanzanian musician does, the Kenyan guys must have him in their sights.

Diamond is in possession of a physical body, money, fame, and glory.

7. Esther Musila:

Of all the weddings that year, Musila and Guardian Angel’s was unquestionably the most notable and publicized.

They both love going to the gym and are experienced teachers.

8. Vera Sidika:

Vera and Calisah were only romantically involved for a brief period of time before calling it quits.

Model Calisah enjoys going to the gym frequently and exercising a lot.

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