Reasons Sadio Mane Is Not Delivering At Bayern Munich

Sadio Mané is not delivering enough at Bayern Munich. The Senegalese international joined Bayern in the last transfer window, and he has failed to impress the fans since the move.

Sadio Mané is a great player, but he has not been a good replacement for Robert Lewandowski so far. The reasons he is not delivering at Bayern Munich are:

He wants to avoid playing selfish football; Sadio Mané is a great player who believes more in team football than in individual football. In the game against Barcelona, Sadio Mané was playing with the attackers but as the center striker, the wingers were not playing with him. As an attacker, you need to be a bit selfish or else, you won’t score many goals.

The players are also not supporting him as the center striker; Sadio Mané does not have the ball as expected. The manager needs to instruct his players. Sane will have the ball and dribble in from the wing to score when there is a striker like Sadio Mané in the box.

The bottom line is, Sadio Mané is not delivering because he is not a selfish player and also because the players don’t feed him as a striker.


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