Former First Daughter Sasha Obama is nearly unrecognizable in glasses, slippers and low-slung jeans

Sasha Obama was nearly unrecognizable in glasses and low slung jeans while out at the University of Southern California campus on Tuesday.

The youngest daughter of former President Barack Obama was seen with a pink top and ripped jean shorts, which hung low enough to reveal a bit of white underwear.

Unlike previous outings on campus, Sasha, 21, was wearing a pair of black-framed glasses with her hair tied back and fuzzy, UGG-like slippers on her feet.

She was spotted meeting up with a friend wearing a green camouflage cap, red top and black skirt as they slungged their arms around their shoulders while walking together.

While Sasha was seen carrying her phone and water bottle, she was also carrying a vape pen after being pictured last week smoking from a green vape pen.

Back in 2020, her dad, now 61, professed to being an ex-smoker in his memoir, admitting that he would sometimes smoke eight, nine, or 10 cigarettes a day during his presidency.


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