Actor, Yomi Fabiyi has revealed his relationship status on social media and he claims he is single and ready to mingle.

Yomi Fabiyi announced his search for a new wife and asked fans who may have information on how or where to find a spare girlfriend that is not in use for her usage.

The human right activist also indicated that he does not care about the past record or history of the lady because he believes in change.

He wrote: “I am single and ready to mingle.
Who has a girlfriend they are not using or don’t know her value, ha ha ha.

Don’t worry, whatever you know is HER PAST with you. Change is the only constant thing, I DON’T KNOW THESE PASTS, YOU DO. I will see a new lady. Caveat! YF”

Yomi Fabiyi also entreated fans to immediately tag or mention any lady who is also in the movie-making business because he wants to date a lady who understands the demands of his profession.

He wrote: “YA NAH. Tag that babe you don’t love again or appreciate, I don’t mind but must be ready to be in the industry if possible. Doubt if I can chase babe busy in an industry I am not so familiar oh. I don’t even know how to toast again.