Budding Nigerian singer, Goya Menor has added more pepper to the wounds of his rival, Portable as he claims at first, he thought Portable was a name of a rat poison.

Goya Menor and Portable have been throwing shots at each other degrading themselves after the latter rubbished the award the former won at the recently ended Headies when he grabbed the ‘Best Street Artiste’.

Speaking to Saturday Beats in an interview, Portable said, “Porta what? Is that the name of a rat poison? I don’t think I have heard that name before in my life. As for other artistes in the same category with me, shout out to them all; especially those that congratulated me.”

Sharing the experience after winning the Headies award, Goya Menor said, “I felt good. At least, there was a high level of transparency. In less than a year of being in the music industry, winning the Headies is a big one for me.”

Goya Menor indicated, however, that he is not perturbed by what naysayers say about him because social media affords gives everybody the chance to air their views but their views does not determine who or what he becomes.

“Yes. That’s why it is called social media. That is where artistes, just like other celebrities, pass messages to their fans.”