Nollywood actor Olatunji Dacosta is of the opinion that Queen Elizabeth’s death shouldn’t be mourned as much as most of his fellow brothers and sisters.

The outspoken director posted a video of the late queen throwing pennies for African children to pick on the ground on his Instagram page.

Olatunji Dacosta remarked in his caption that it is appropriate to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s passing because of the harm she caused to Africans.

According to the script-interpreter, Queen Elizabeth’s reign was the worst reign in history surpassing Abacha, therefore instead of grieving over her death, they should celebrate.

He wrote, “Sometimes I wonder why we blacks act so silly and forgotten so soon how this Devil maltreated us and turn our forefathers to chickens here yet we are mourning her ..Her reign was worst than that of Abacha and IDI AMI. We are suppose to be happy and celebrating the death of devil rather that we morning her ..Shame on Nigeria. Shame on All blacks for for posting her and saying sweet words about her 

Her death marks the freedom of all blacks all over the world. Long live Africa. Long live motherland.”