Surprising Things Owned By Queen Elizabeth II: Sea Creatures, Luxurious Bags, Bat Colony And More

The death of Queen Elizabeth II was confirmed by Buckingham Palace on Thursday, September 8. She was 96. She has been the queen of the United Kingdom since 1952, and during that time she has earned a reputation as a loyal and trustworthy leader.

Surprising Things Owned By Queen

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In addition to her strong feeling of duty to the people of England, the Queen has ownership of some very astounding things, apart from her personal collection of royal jewels, lovely palaces and properties.

Take a look at a few surprising things that the Queen of England owns.

Surprising Things Owned By Queen

1. All The Whales, Dolphins And Swans In The UK

The legal claim to all dolphins and whales entering British waters technically belongs to the Queen due to a strange legal precedent dating back 698 years. This is because of an old law passed in 1324 during King Edward II’s reign, recognising all whales and dolphins in British waters as “fishes royal,” and thus belonging to the Queen. Furthermore, the King was also entitled to all whales and sturgeons captured in territorial waters. [1]

2. 200 Launer Bags

According to an article published by British Heritage in June 2022, the Queen’s handbag is a signalling device she uses almost constantly to communicate with her staff. However, she does not use any old handbags; rather, she favours those made by the luxurious London label Launer. The CEO of the label claims that the queen owns almost 200 of their products, at almost $2500 apiece. [2]

3. The Tower Of London

The Tower of London, officially Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London, is another of the Queen’s properties. The property has been a major part of the city’s royal history since the 11th century and is still a popular tourist destination today. Everything at the Tower of London, including the Crown Jewels and the infamous ravens, is legally considered to be the property of Queen Elizabeth.

4. Collection Of Luxurious Cars

The queen took the royal stagecoach to her crowning ceremony. Throughout her reign and even before, the Queen had a strong fondness for British off-road vehicles.

A possible example of the first is an Austin K2/Y. Over the subsequent decades, she was frequently spotted in or around a Land Rover Defender, usually around 30. Her collection of automobiles is much more extensive and is valued at over $10 million. Three Rolls-Royces, two Bentleys and a Range Rover LWB Landaulet with a royal flag and an open top are among the models in her collection. [3]

Surprising Things Owned By Queen

5. A Royal Church Westminster Abbey

For the British monarchy, Westminster Abbey has been the site of many milestone events. Every coronation since 1066 has taken place there, along with dozens of royal weddings and hundreds of burials, memorial services, and other events honouring members of the royal family. Westminster Abbey is a “royal peculiar,” which means it does not belong to any particular diocese but rather to the monarch.

6. A Bat Colony

In one of the queen’s oldest and most opulent castles, Balmoral, a bat colony exist for many years. The castle is private and quiet, making it ideal for the bats to stay. This shows the Queen’s soft spot for animals. Evidently, she enjoys chasing them about her summer house with a butterfly net.

7. Guinness World Records

The Queen has been honoured with four Guinness World Records. The records are for being the longest reigning queen, the oldest reigning monarch, the wealthiest queen, and the only person whose likeness appears on the currency of more independent nations than she does.

8. Most Paintings In The World

The Queen owns the world’s largest private art collection. There is some debate over how many works of art one needs to claim ownership of the “most in the world,” but Queen Elizabeth II has 537,000 paintings, drawings, and prints in her collection, and they are all works of art that are masterfully crafted and worth more than their fair share of her personal fortune.

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