PSG 2:0 JUV: Three Best Players For PSG In The First Half Of The Match Against Juventus

Paris Saint-Germain had a fantastic performance in the first half of the match as they comfortably led Juventus 2-0 at halftime thanks to goals from Kylian Mbappe.

Well, let’s take a look at the three best players for Paris Saint-Germain in the first half of the match against Juventus.

The Brazilian International had a superb display in the first half of the match as he was very vibrant offensively providing a fine assist against Juventus.

The French International was in smoking red hot form in the first half of the match being a massive threat to Juventus’ backline as he netted two brilliant goals for Paris Saint-Germain.

The Moroccan International was quite solid defensively in the match and also sharp on the attack against Juventus. The 23-year-old provided an assist in the match as he was one of Paris Saint-Germain’s best players in the first period.

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