My Husband Was Pleasuring Himself In My Presence And Force Me To Clean After Him:Lady Narrates

Faouzia has painfully narrated how her husband used to self-pressure himself in front of her and then forced her to clean after him this made her go through a traumatizing moment. All this time she was carrying his child.

She was born and raised in Embu after completing her studies she relocated to Nairobi where she secured a job at the information desk. After working there for two years she met a guy who proposed to her


At first, their relationship was good and the guy used to provide everything she needed. He also used to take her on vacation and treated her like a queen. They visited her parents and he was warmly welcomed. The ready also visited her in-laws and at first, they welcomed her well.

The guy Saturday Boutique shop for her after six months of knowing each other she fell pregnant with him. After she notified him that she was pregnant the guy changed and started having extramarital affairs despite them getting married.

Most of the time the guy was on his phone and whenever his phone rang he would answer it outside. Faouzia decided to check on his phone to know what was going on. she was surprised to find love messages between her husband and a guy who was his friend.


They had gone to an extent of sending each other nude photos. This broke her heart when she asked him about it he could start to cry and apologize. Since she wanted to have a family she could forgive him but the Guy changed. She didn’t want 2 raise her child without a father figure.

The guy used to take his fellow man on vacation when his wife was pregnant which broke her heart. He stopped showing interest in her on the bed whenever faouzia tried to touch him he could push her away. One day she found him in their bedroom self pressuring himself.

She was disappointed by him and asked him to divorce her if was not going to change. The guy apologized but he never changed his weird behaviors. It became a habit since he realized his wife was not going anywhere he started self-pressuring himself daily even when Fauzi was watching he could then force her to clean his mess and wash his inner wears.

One day she decided enough was enough and quit the marriage. She nurtured her pregnancy after nine months and delivered a baby girl. Her parents supported her up-to-date. She has urged parents to support their children whenever their marriages fail. She has also urged ladies not to ignore red flags in the relationship or their marriages.

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