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Man Forgives His Wife After Cheating On Him And Having A Child For Another Man

A man has take to his social media to narrate how his friend got a married woman pregnant and had a baby with her despite being lawfully married and living with her husband.

According to him, the husband of the woman used to travel a lot and whenever he does, his friend sneaks into the compound to have sex with the woman. He said that the woman was married with two children, yet she never mind engaging in intimate activities with another man.

The woman eventually got pregnant and his friend was there with her throughout her pregnancy and paid for her treatment when he needed to. The woman gave birth to a baby girl and they pinned it on her husband.

The naming ceremony was held and his friend was still present and even gave the baby a name at the ceremony. However, his friend was then asked to go for his baby from the married couple before life will better for him.

He confessed to having an affair with the woman and also claimed his baby. The husband who was expected to divorce the wife forgave her and even had another child with her.

See the sceenshot below:


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