Man begs Regina Daniels for forgiveness over his message to her years ago (Details)

Veteran Nollywood actress and billionaire wife, Regina Daniels has received an apology message from Nigerian blogger, Tosin Silverdam, for criticizing her marriage to Ned Nwoko in the past.



The young man confessed that he was one of those who called her out over her marriage to the old billionaire, Ned Nwoko.

However, he is currently venting the actress’s lifestyle as he says she is living the baby girl life.

He further added that himself and many others, wishes to be in the actress’s shoes.

According to him, he came to this realization, after taking look through the actress’s social media page. Noting that the actress is glowing and there is money, not forgetting the vacations and being a mum to to adorable boys.

In his words:
“First of all, I will like to apologise to Regina Daniels for being one of the people that criticised her back then for marrying her husband back then. So I went to her IG page today and checking her videos and pictures and everything. Omo! Ah! I envy her o, I envy her die. And we were criticising her back then.

We all wish to be in her shoes right now honestly speaking, she is living a baby girl’s life. She is glowing, she is enjoying, there is money, traveling to different countries, vacation, everything. Even though the marriage may not be perfect o, but money is involved. And she has given birth to two beautiful kids, so what else please abeg.”

Not stopping there, Tosin added that he was sure many people would kill to be in the actress’ position even though they criticised her back then.

He also thanked God that she did not listen to the naysayers like him when she was about getting married.

He said:

“I’m very sure most of you will kill to be in her position right now and we were criticising her back then. Regina Daniels I’m sorry o. I’m happy for her o, thank God she did not listen to we the bad belles back then. Honestly speaking. The marriage may not be perfect o, but forget she has kids already and she is in money, she can never be broke again, never.”

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