12 Years After Michael Jackson Died, See Why Nobody Wants To Buy His Mansion

When it was finished, the Neverland Ranch was one of the finest residences on the planet. It features sixteen bedrooms, twenty-nine bathrooms, a 50-seat theatre and dance hall, three guest rooms, a pool and lake, tennis and basketball courts, and other amenities. Following Michael Jackson’s death, the house was listed for sale at a price of $100 million.

Buyers should hurry in because this was the pop king’s den. Surprisingly, no one came to the house. After several years, the asking price for the house was cut from $100 million to $31 million, but no one expressed interest. Nobody wants to stay in the house.

Why wouldn’t anyone want to stay in Michael Jackson’s property, which has room, sports facilities, a children’s playground, a cinema, and so on?

1. The house’s negative connotation

One of the reasons no one wants to live in the house is that Micheal Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, like Ihiala’s Ezego House, is well-known. The building emitted the most heinous stories. How genuine are the stories? That’s something I don’t recall. But no one wants to commit to buying the building.

Some items in the residence are related to multiple allegations of mild sexual harassment. Given Michael Jackson’s acquittal on sexual assault charges, the story and other negative articles linger after his death. The ranch was portrayed negatively in the HBO documentary ‘Leaving Neverland.’

2. The house was designed to resemble a Disney land for children.

Who would spend millions of dollars to live on Disney land when other residences are considerably cheaper and more convenient? Furthermore, if a buyer considers demolishing the buildings to construct his own plan, it will cost millions of dollars.

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