Social media reacts to photos of Juliet Ibrahim spending time with her ex-husband, his wife and kids

The Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim is receiving praise from users of social media following the release of recordings showing her partying with her ex-husband and his wife while celebrating the birthday of one of their children.

The aforementioned video was shot on Saturday, after she had been invited by her ex-husband to participate.

She posted a video of herself and Zainab Safo, who is currently married to Kwadwo Safo, having a good time together.

After she posted the video of herself and Zainab sipping a cocktail, her followers on social media complimented her on the post.

The stunning wife of Kwadwo Safo was seen on camera offering Juliet a cocktail, which she enthusiastically accepted.

People who follow her on social media have since been congratulating her and her ex-husband for making such a move.

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