Popular entrepreneur by the handle Ade Authority on Twitter has dumped her partner because she didn’t like the way he cooked.

She explained her reasoning for ejecting him from her house on her Twitter page on Sunday and she claimed that her partner had offered to make her food and had chosen to cook spaghetti in a way she didn’t like.

Ade claimed that he tore the pasta into minuscule pieces, which upset her and led her to decide to end their relationship.

Ade Authority shared two images: one of the chef and one of the food and claimed to have sent him home for “retraining”

She wrote

“This man said “don’t worry I will cook for you”

So I sat back with my junks waiting for the food. Frame 2 is what he cooked

I have sent him back to his father’s house for retraining 🙏🏻 We women of this generation have refused to settle for the bare minimum.”

His first crime was breaking the pasta , that’s an atrocity.”

See screenshot below;