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Burna Boy Reportedly Charges $500,000 For International Shows

The price Nigerian entertainer, Burna Boy known in real life as Damini Ogulu charge for for international performances has emerged on social media.

The “Twice as Tall” singer and Grammy award-winner, charges $500,000 for each performance he makes internationally according to Africa Facts Zone on Twitter.

“Burna Boy charges $500,000 per international show, with the provision of a 13-seater private jet, 8 cars, a Sprinter bus and van to pick him up, 10 high quality hotel rooms, smoking executive suite. His room must have an Hennessy, Jack Daniels, Champagne”.

Some Twitter users concurred with the report about Burna Boy’s price because he is worth it.

Klaus: Odogwu

Anny Sandra: He deserves it

Future: Odogwu no be anybody class

Garri Influencer: Odogwu

Daniele Adeck: Go for it boy…..get them those reparations they owe us


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