Top 10 Nollywood Actresses That We No Longer Hear About

Nollywood had in years back been graced with multitalented actresses who once stared on our screen for some years.

In the past years, some notable actresses began to fade off for one or two reasons and definitely, we are really missing them. KOKO Weekly magazine hereby presents to top 10 Nollywood actresses that we no longer hear about;

1.  Susan Patrick
Beautiful gap-toothed Susan was born in Akwa Ibom state, she came into the limelight after she acted in the movie Sakobi: The Snake Girl. This made her one of the most sought-after Nollywood actresses in the early ’90s. She was alleged to have snatched another woman’s hubby while a student at Lagos State University (LASU). Susan eventually faded away as a result of competition for most of the roles she acted.

2. Shan George
Nollywood diva and movie producer Shan George was well-known in the ’90s. The beautiful singer, prior to debuting in the movie Thorns of Rose, had previously featured in a 1997 soap opera titled ‘Winds of Destiny’. She is best known for her role in the movies ‘Outkast’ and ‘Welcome to Nollywood’.

3. Sandra Achums
Popular Nollywood actress, Sandra Achums in the ’90s was probably one of the most popular actresses in the Nollywood industry. She joined the Nigerian movie industry in 1995 and acted in her first movie Deadly Affair. In the early 2000s, Sandra Achums took a break from acting and decided to face her family as she got married and started having children. Sandra has since relocated to Germany with her family.

4. Rita Nzelu
Rita Nzelu is a renowned Nigerian actress, model, and television personality who joined Nollywood in 1990. She made her debut in the movie “Living in Bondage”, a movie that brought her to fame and recognition in Nollywood. She is also known for Ortega and His Enemies (2014), Stigma of Womanhood (2016) and Terrible Sin (2001).

5. Victoria Inyama
Nollywood sweetheart, Victoria Inyama, began her acting career with a soap opera titled ‘Ripples’ between 1998/1999. She was featured after she was discovered by Alex Usifo who saw, the talent in her and invited her over for an audition. Victoria is married to the legendary author, Ben Okri. She relocated to the United Kingdom after she got married and this was responsible for her acting hiatus. She recently returned from her acting hiatus to feature in ‘Talking dolls,’ a 2017 movie which was rated as one of the best dramas of contemporary Africa.

6. Ndidi Obi
Nollywood actress, Ndidi Obi became popular when she took the lead role in the movie, ‘Nneka The Pretty Serpent’, she has since then been referred to as ‘Nneka The Pretty Serpent’ because of her epic role in the movie. She was recently featured in Ramsey Noah’s ‘Living In Bondage: Breaking Free’.

7. Nkiru Sylvanus
Nkiru Sylvanus is a famous Nollywood actress who was known for her teary eyes and crying roles. Nkiru is one of the Nollywood actresses who created a niche for others to follow and one of the pillars that hold Nollywood firmly. She has acted in more than 150 movies playing minor and lead roles before delving into politics as the Special Assistant on Public Affairs to Rochas Okorocha, former Governor of Imo State.

8. Grace Amah
Nollywood actress and mother of one, Grace Amah joined the Nigerian movie industry in 1999 when she started her acting career at the age of 13. She made her first debut as a 13-year-old character in the movie ‘Chains’. She became a public figure when she was featured in Teco Benson’s Nollywood blockbuster movie, ‘Elastic Limit’.

9. Lilian Bach
Famous Nollywood actress and former model Lilian Bach who turned 49 recently was shot to the limelight for her prominent roles in blockbuster movies like ‘Ogidan’ and ‘Married to a Witch’. Lilian came into the limelight as a model in the 1990s when she competed in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) pageant. She also featured in several television commercials and she was at some point the Face of Delta Soap. She took a break from doing movies to pursue a career in production and has faded out since then.


10. Chiege Alisigwe
Chiege Alisigwe is a talented Nollywood actress. She is popularly known for her role in the movie, My love where she featured alongside Ramsey Nouah. One of her most popular movies was Oganigwe. It was Nollywood’s version of the popular Cinderella story.


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