‘I deeply regret being vaccinated for COVID-19’ _ woman shares why regrets vaccination


The Corona virus was first discovered back in 2019, the very first case of Covid-19 was detected in Wuhan, China back in December 2019. The virus quickly spread around China and before we knew it, Covid-19 was already in many other countries, including South Africa, United States, Brazil, India just to name a few.


To date the virus has virus has affected more than 600 million people and has killed more than people globally since the beginning of the pandemic.

About 2 years after the virus was detected, vaccines to help fight the virus were developed and available in almost every country. People went out in numbers to get vaccinated against the virus, people were also advised to get vaccinated.

Like any other medicine, the vaccine was going to treat people differently, there are people who’s bodies were going to recieve the vaccine well and unfortunately some were going to react negatively to the vaccine. Jane Adams shared her experience with the Covid-19 vaccine, and how it affected her.


A woman Named Adams on Twitter shared that she deeply regrets getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

She wrote: ” I deeply regret being vaccinated for COVID-19″

when asked why she regrets getting vaccinated she answered that she had been experiencing on-going fatigue, spontaneous sharp stabbing body pains and she got Covid-19 twice after being vaccinated for the virus.


The Covid-19 pandemic refuses to end, it is almost 3 years since the virus was dicovered and it is still a huge threat to humans.

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