How Long Should You Wait Before Cleaning Up After Intercourse?



According to Medicalnewstoday, one of the best ways to prevent diseases and infections that come with intercourse is to adopt a good post-intercourse hygiene habit. This will greatly limit the risk of infections and allow a person to feel fresher. It is also important to clean the toys used during intimacy to reduce the risk of pathogens on them.

So many people are confused about the perfect time to begin cleaning up after intercourse and that is what I want to talk about in this article. It is advisable to wash bedsheets if there are any noticeable signs of soiling after intercourse. However, there is typically no need to clean up immediately after intercourse. Some people may decide to clean up minutes or hours after intercourse activities, or they may linger until the morning. Therefore, the most important thing is to clean up at some point later.

Studies had also shown that several factors may influence how long a person waits before cleaning up. Some of them include; their hygiene preferences, their risk of infection and what transpires during the intercourse activity



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