Woman proudly reveals she birthed seven children for seven men from different countries (Video)

It is not everyday that a woman goes online to speak on the fact that she has multiple baby daddies and is proud of herself.

A woman has revealed that she gave birth to seven children for seven different men, but she does not intend to stop just yet.

According to the mother, she is 36 years old and the target is to have three more kids, making it a total of 10 children for 10 men.

She disclosed that all her kids fathers are from different country and she wants to continue that pattern for the remaining three.

In a video making the rounds online, she said her first child is 22 years old and she had him when she was 14 years old.

Watch video below:

In reaction, eazyrelo_muzik said; That’s not a flex, you will realize soon

smartmoj; Good luck to you 🙄

tessy6889; Congratulations to you

oluwaseunsakaba45; What a world cup.

investorvibes_; TikTok people and lies na 5&6

delroynorman; Weldone super woman! I totally love it for you!

Meanwhile, a video which recently went viral captureda pregnant woman’s unhappy reaction to the news of her unborn baby’s gender.

She was at a gender reveal with family and after she shot the fireworks, blue confetti popped out which is an indication that she is expecting a boy.

It was gathered that she already has four kids who are all boys and the fact that she was pregnant with another one was not so much of a good news.

If she was carrying a baby girl, its pink confetti that would have popped out of the fireworks cylinder.

As soon as the woman discovered she would be having a son, she threw then pole on the floor and stormed out of the place while wearing a mixed facial expression of anger and smiles.

Family and friends present cheered at the news and her other sons joined in celebrating as they would soon have a younger brother.

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