Man narrowly escapes death as stray bullet misses his head while playing video game at home

A man living in America has shared his story of survival after a stray bullet entered his home in Atlanta, Georgia.

The shaken lad identified on Twitter as @YTFlagrant, said he was playing video game when the bullet nearly hit his head and went straight to his TV set.

The bullet went right through the TV and even busted through the wall at the back of his Television.

He shared photos of his TV with the bullet hole and said it missed his head by about three inches.

According to @YTFlagrant, he was playing Apex when someone shooting gun from outside nearly ended his life.

Sharing the photos, he wrote; ”A stray shot from someone yesterday almost hit my head while I was playing apex. At most missed me by 3 inches and hit my left monitor. Wtf is life.

Looks like the bullet fragmented after hitting the monitor and went through the wall.”

Shockingly, social media users were doubting his claim as some said he probably shot up his house himself and was just doing it for clout.

Others wondered why he chose to share it on social media first instead of alerting the authorities.

In response to criticism, he said; ”Haters are wild! After something traumatic like this I cant believe ppl telling me I did this myself bc at the time of posting I forgot to include the pics of entry holes. Blaming the victim is wild, especially on their own assumptions. I’m just happy I’m safe.”

After the post went viral, the man who is a YouTuber and content creator said he was being advised to set up a GoFundMe in case people want to donate.

”A few ppl told me to make a go fund me or drop my cash app because this is blowing up and maybe ppl want to help but I dont feel comfortable taking money from anyone. But If you like sneaker content maybe subscribe to me on YT link in bio Thanks for the kindness and support,” he wrote.

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