POS Operator Reveals The Mistakes People Make When Using The POS Machine To Withdraw Money (Video)

Few hours ago, an experienced POS operator, took to a social media platform where he made a video and revealed the mistakes people make when using the POS machine to withdraw money.

The POS operator made a statement saying;

” I have been doing this POS business for over 5 years now. Most people usually make the mistake of keeping their bank details saved in the POS machine. When you are making a transaction with a POS machine, do not reveal your pin to a POS operator, rather put in your four digits security number by yourself. Secondly, after the transaction, do not return the POS machine immediately to the POS operator, rather you should hold onto it until the print out slip is out from the POS machine. When you collect your print out transaction slip, always ensure you press the “clear button” on the POS machine before removing the card. The clear button will help remove the transaction details and also prevent the machine from saving your bank details. When you return the POS machine without pressing the clear button, fraudulent people can easily get access to your bank details especially when they press 1444 on the POS machine.”

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