Main Reasons Why Doctors Always Wear Green Or Blue Clothes Before Surgery

Have you ever questioned why medical professionals always ever wear green or blue overalls in the operation room and never the other colour? It turns out that this seemingly unimportant activity has the power to influence a surgical procedure’s outcome. White, as we all know, stands for purity. Expect doctors to wear either a green or a blue dress when performing surgery.

We’ve all had to go to the hospital at some point or another. You must have frequently seen white coats on nurses, doctors, and ward boys in the hospital. However, these medical professionals dress in green or blue when they proceed to operate on a patient. In the hospital, you must have seen numerous doctors dressed in green or blue. But why do medical professionals like nurses, doctors, and ward boys always dress in green and blue during procedures? Why do they not wear red, yellow, black, or any other colour? I’ll provide you with a thorough explanation of this question today.


According to Medicalnewstoday, the following are the main reasons why doctors wear green or blue clothes during surgery.


During surgery, blue or green colours might help surgeons’ eyes by removing their focus from red objects like patient blood and organs. This is so that the surgeon, who has vision impairment, won’t be unfamiliar with colours like red or pink because the brain interprets colours in relation to other hues. Red signal fading in the brain Seeing human organs and tissues might be challenging for medical professionals. In the meantime, if the doctor occasionally saw anything green or blue, he may increase his eyes’ sensitivity to fluctuations in the hue red.



The red colour of the patient’s organ, which might generate a green optical illusion on a white surface and is undoubtedly annoying, is constantly in the doctor’s field of vision. When medical professionals looked away from the red-colored bodily tissue and toward something white, an optical illusion appeared. Internal organs of the patient will look as an optical illusion in green on a white background.

White, which contains every colour on the colour wheel, including green and red, causes an optical illusion. The illusion would, however, blend in correctly with the colour of the clothes and not distract the doctor if he or she observed the patient wearing green or blue clothing instead of white.

Additionally, these colours keep the eyes from getting tired and provide comfort to the eyes during operation. Because the eyes must remain open for such a long time, they become fatigued. However, if the green colour is seen right away, the eyes become cold (more active).


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