BBNaija: Sheggz Reveals Why He Does Not Stand Up To Pee As A Man But Prefers To Sit Down Or Squat

After the Saturday party last night, Bella and Sheggz were having an interesting conversation in the lounge. During this conversation, Sheggz revealed to Bella how he prefers sitting down or squatting to pee instead of standing up like other men, but he also told her the reason why he pees in this way too.

According to Sheggz, the reason why he loves squatting or sitting down on the toilet to pee is because of how his mother raised him and his brothers when they were small. He said that his mother made them sit on the toilet to pee so they won’t splash urine around every corner of the toilet and ever since then, he has loved peeing in such manner.

However, he told Bella that he does not pee like that in public because of infections rather he does it in the comfort of his own home.

He said, “Bella one secret I’ll tell you is that I like squatting or sitting down on the toilet to pee. I’m telling you this so you won’t be surprised when we start living together.

“The reason why I formed this habit is because of how my mom trained I and my brothers. She made us sit down on the toilet to pee so we won’t mess up the bathroom, now I’m used to it”.

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