Four secondary school friends glow-up 4 years after traveling abroad together

A group of friends have sparked reactions on social media with their before vs after photos following their relocation to another country.

One of the guys known as Peterson took to his Twitter handle and shared their growth, right from when they were in secondary school to present day.

The four friends all traveled together to their host nation four years ago, and have all grown as could be seen in photo posted on Twitter.

Peterson shared a throwback photo of all four in their secondary school uniform, and uploaded a pictured of them abroad, posing the same way and staying in the same position each of them were in the old picture.

It is interesting to note that the person who took on the role of photographer also traveled with them. Though he did not show in any of the images, Peterson revealed that he was with them.

A tweep @nathan_oji said; I pray it’s the same person who took both pictures cos I want everyone to win.

@Petersen_209 replied; He’s the same person

See the post:


In reaction, another Twitter user @MassiveCFC wrote; How these brothers age by 10 years in 4?

@RitaG81780126; May Jehovah protect you guys from any evil eyes 🙏 may any girl no come in between una 🙏 may any of una girlfriends not separate this friendship 🙏💋

@AfolabiDaniel05; Please don’t be motivated to do yahoo because of that picture, all those guys work 12hrs shift 5times a week which is similar to working 10days in 7days in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, a Finland-based Nigerian known as Abiola, has raised the hopes after he offered to help people travel abroad.

He relocated to Finland over one year ago, and felt the need to help others access the same opportunities he was fortunate to tap into.

Abiola offered to assist 20 persons to migrate to the European country in celebration of the one-year anniversary of his relocation.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, he revealed that the offer is for those who wish to be in Finland by August 2023.

The young man gave some guides that interested persons would be expected to take into consideration during the application process.

In his words; ”Today makes it exactly a year since I moved to Finland. From now, I am willing to assist 20 people who are interested to come to Finland in August 2023 as well.

Route: Affordable Education. Bachelors, Masters or PhD.

My service is to help you decide to come to Finland and provide you with the necessary guidelines to aid your plans. If coming for Msc, now is the right time to plan to write IELTS. for Bachelor’s degree there is no need to 5. Joint applications start in January, 2022.”

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