Tristan Thompson has made ‘no attempt’ to meet his son with Maralee Nichols but has been paying support for the eight-month-old

Tristan Thompson has made

Tristan Thompson has reportedly made no attempt to see his 8-month-old son with Maralee Nichols but he has been paying child support amid their family court battle.


The basketball player, 31, “is paying, and has paid, child support to Ms. Nichols retroactive to the date she delivered the child,” an attorney for Thompson told Page Six.


“Tristan has still made no attempt to meet his 8-month-old son, Theo. It was not until recently that Tristan started paying child support,” an insider told the publication.


Earlier this year, a rep for Nichols, who gave birth to Theo on December 1, 2021, said in a statement that Thompson had “done nothing” and provided zero “financial assistance.”


But, apparently, the Canadian star has since began paying child support.

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