I Won’t Stand Behind A Man Who Lives In Dubai & Runs Home For Election, We Know The Right Man – Wike



Governor Nyesom Wike has revealed that he will never be a party to any political bigot that only has the interest of himself at heart, and knows nothing about the pains of Nigerians. According to Nyesom Wike, he noted that everyone knows the right man for the job and it is not his duty to proclaim it.

Furthermore, Wike revealed that politicians that live abroad and come back home for elections are not qualified to be elected into political offices because they can never connect with the pains of ordinary Nigerians.

Speaking further, the Governor of Rivers State noted that he can not play a significant role in any process that will make Nigerians experience pain like they have seen, under APC and Buhari-led administration again.

He reiterated that everyone knows who the right man is and he will not deliver Rivers State, to anyone that has no basis to be in the presidential seat.



Nyesom Wike said the same people have recycled themselves by changing political parties, but they remain bigots that have nothing to offer Nigeria, just like Buhari disguised under the name of APC and became the President of Niger from Nigeria.

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