“Despite Collecting Money From My 96-Year-Old Sugar Daddy For Him, He Still Dumped Me” -Jaruma



Popular Nigerian aphrodisiac manufacturer, Jaruma Empire, has used her new video on Instagram to reveal how her relationship hit the rock with a man. She is someone who is blunt and never shy about saying whatever she feels on social media, which is evident in most of her previous posts. She has now come out on Instagram once again to reveal how she was dumped by a man despite being submissive to him and giving him the money she collected from her 96-year-old man.



In her new video, she is seen in a loving mood with a man who is sitting down while Jaruma moves around her. She disclosed that she was very submissive to the man and worshiped him like a God. She made an amazing revelation that she collected billions of Naira from her 96-year-old sugar daddy and gave it to him, but despite all of that, the man still dumped her.



Her revelation shocked many of her followers on Instagram as they wondered how a woman who is so submissive to that extent could be dumped by a man. Her love video also caught people’s attention as they wondered if the man in the video is who she is actually referring to.

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