Salah donates $156,634 to help rebuild a church in Giza, Egypt, where a fire killed 41 people



Mohamed Salah donated 156,634 US dollars to the Egyptian church, which suffered a fire outbreak on Sunday.

It was reported that 41 people were killed in a fire that broke out over the weekend at a 1,000-person capacity church where worshippers were gathered.

At least 18 children died when a fire broke out in the church in Giza due to an electrical fault at an air-conditioning unit.

According to B/R Football, Liverpool football club star Mohamed Salah has donated 3 million Egyptian pounds to the church, which is estimated to be $156,634.

Mohamed Salah was born in Nagrig, Northern Egypt, and he is no stranger to assisting the less fortunate in Egypt, Africa, and England.

Mohamed Salah is known for being one of the most generous footballers, and he recently gave away £2.5 million, which is equivalent to 6% of his £41 million fortune, according to verified news outlets.

On Monday night, the former Chelsea star was in action for Liverpool football club, as they drew 1-1 with Crystal Palace at Anfield Stadium.


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