Avoid Dating Any Woman With The Following Three Habits


I have been wondering why most of the guys are in a terrifying relationships and they feel it is the only way to go.

Guys, i want you to know that there are more beautiful and responsible girls out there that you cannot just sit back and watch yourself become sick because of being glued to a woman who doesn’t care.

It is high time you get to understand that taking early actions should be a solution to save you from a toxic relationship.

In here, we are going to state to you the habits that you should never tolerate In a woman. And therefore, if a woman has the following three habits, let her go:

1. She values her beauty more than anything.

Well, to be beautiful is a good chance for most of women, but being more concerned with being beautiful is a mistake.


Listen, there is no way a woman will ever focus on her beauty and also focus on keeping a good relationship.

In most cases, she will neglect the relationship and focus on her beauty and this will lead to you working so hard to keep the relationship intact.

And do you know what that means, you will be forcing yourself on her since she doesn’t care about you. So let her go before things get worse.

2. She rarely puts your opinions into consideration.


A man’s opinion in that relationship matters so much in that it is believed that men take much interest in thinking about an opinion.


Most guys always leave this work to their women because the women never take their opinion seriously.

What is true is that, there is no single day you will ever control a woman who already knows her opinions are right. So let her go.

3. She tolerates being with male friends more than female friends.


See, nowadays most girls tend to think that being with male friends is a kind of stylish life or something.


They never know that this is always the beginning of a bad relationship. There is no way you can be tolerating male friends and ar the same time tolerate your boyfriend.

At some point the fact is that, you will start comparing things between the friends and the love of your life, you call him.

The truth is, there are facts that you will realize your boyfriend is far much behind and this will lead to you attempting to cheat.

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