What Tobi Amusan Said After She Was Asked About The Man She Will Get Married To

Tobi Amusan was asked by an Arise News anchor about the man she will get married to. The anchor also reminded her that so many Nigerian young men are professing love to her on social media, and he asked her whether she was interested in any of them.


Tobi Amusan on the other hand laughed and jokingly said that she will accept any man who comes to her with millions of dollars to marry her, and apart from that she’s not interested in any man yet. It was also reported that after her victory at the commonwealth games, she has received praises and accolades from many Nigerians. 


And many Nigerian men have also shown interest in her via social media. Tobi Amusan said that people are interested in successful people, success attracts people. That’s why men are having an interest in her lately, it is a normal thing to want to stay with a successful someone in this life, no doubt about that at all.

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