What a Woman Means when She Text you “Hey” and when she text you “Heyy” (Be aware).

What it Means When a Woman Texts you “Hey or Heyy”.


Hello there, texting and chatting has become the modern most preferred means of communication among generations.

This means, that there are ways of making things easier that are yet to be revealed through these digital gadgets.

Without going into much details about the digital reality, let’s stick to the means of texting, most so, from women.

Women have a number of ways of communication through texting. You are only required to be keen on them to understand.

Now, when a woman Texts you “Hey”, this is a general greetings via text. When someone sends you this text, just know that they are trying to make sure you are good.


This text can be sent to anybody at anytime of the day. To mean there is no specificity for sending this text.


So, when a woman sends you this, avoid being so local by starting to think that she is interested in your life, She only wants to know how you are doing.

And therefore the reply to give to this text is simple. Just reply with a simple “Hey too”. It won’t take you much time to do so.

That is about the Hey text. Now what if a woman sends you the one with the double ‘y’, that is “Heyy”.


Surprisingly, this has a hidden meaning if it comes from a woman. The additional ‘y’ makes the meaning even more interesting.


A woman who sends you this text, is trying to know more about you. She so much interested in how you are doing.

That means, she is said to be interested in you. To make it easy to understand, this girl likes you.

And since ladies finds it awkward to approach guys on the streets to express their feelings, they mostly finds it safe, to do it via text.


You are hereby required to be keen on what a woman Texts you via text message. In that case, this text from a woman tries to tell you that, it is time to shoot your shot.


She tells you to try and she will like it more than ever before. The reason is that, she already likes you.

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