Women have been counseled by a relationship expert not to divorce their husbands due to

John Doe pleaded with married ladies not to divorce their spouses too hastily only because they cheated in a series of Twitter chats.

John Doe asserts that divorce is not an option, unless the woman no longer desires to be married.

He believed that after a divorce, the wife would find it challenging, if not impossible, to move on, whereas it is less difficult for the unfaithful spouse to go on and maybe find a better partner.

In his words:

“For married women and especially in Africa, never be too quick to leave your marriage because your husband cheated on you. Except you’re done with marriage for good & don’t wish to be married again. I say this because you don’t even have a better option like the men you plan to leave.

“That man you leave can even find a virgin lady to remarry, you can’t. Except you want to stay celibate for the rest of your life, you’re likely going to be sleeping with another man that is cheating on his own woman with you. It’s like from frying pan to fire.

“Imagine once being a revered wife to a side woman that another man will be cheating with? I said revered wife because in truth, you know that your cheating husband will never wish for you to leave him because he cheated. Cheating is bad but you need to weigh your options.”

“Do all that for you & love your children regardless? Your husband can find another woman who will be faithful to him, but can you? You’re better off cheating back in the marriage rather than divorcing him. But if you get caught, I’m sorry for you.”