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‘My Sister-In-Law Slapped Me & All That My Husband Did Was To Ask Me To Apologize To Her’ – Lady Says

A lady has taken to social media to reveal what actually happened in her matrimonial home which has thrown her into a dilemma.

According to this lady, she received a slap from her sister-in-law, and thinking her husband will put his sister right, he didn’t as he instead asked the lady (wife) to rather apologize to his sister.

The lady shared this in a letter she wrote to the popular social media relationship coach, Joro Olumofin.

Read the post below;


Some reactions the post got are;

im_anwuli – Na u mess up. She slapped u and u did not render her deaf? How will your maids rate u

annaswthrt – Lol… inside your house. Stop marrying nonsense you people will not hear.

lahot_koko – Your maids Dey give you attitude🤔🤔 I will assume those maids re outside your gate already👌

daughter_of_maria – In laws pls give couples space to enjoy their marriage.

lala_lingerie_and_more – Chaiiii..this story reminds me of the day I went for my PVC…one agbero was pushing people he now pushed a pregnant lady Asin mere looking at his woman,u will know she’s already in her due date…I started shouting at d guy…one other guy was fighting with d agbero.the fo0lis agbero Barb Moro Moro hair As they were fighting,I just went to his back,licked my fist and gave him a big knock on his Moro Moro head😃😃😃😃😃I’ve never felt so fulfilled…he started shouting..”who konk me?I just jejely walked away..ur SIL is lucky…someone like me,I must relal!ate if not,I will have nightmares


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