5 Things You Must Never Do To A Lady You Just Met

If you are single and searching for a female future partner, you will always have the opportunity to meet new ladies every day.

There are also some young ladies outside who are currently single too. When you meet ladies like this, and you open a conversation with them, they won’t hesitate to reply to you.


If you approach her, and she’s not in any serious relationship, she will engage in a conversation with you because she likes you.


However, there are some things that you must never do to a lady you just met. If you do these things to her, you might lose your self-esteem.


She might even see you as a playboy. That is why you must avoid doing these things to her. 

If you just met a lady, maybe within the first week, don’t give her a call if she gives you her phone number.

If a lady gives you her contact, and you give her a call on the same day, or you start chatting with her on WhatsApp, she might start avoiding you.


Don’t ask her to come and get to know your house. If you invite her to your house, you are sending a warning signal to her. She may stop picking up your calls. 

Don’t buy things for her or send money to her. She may ask you for a recharge card. Please don’t send it to her. If you do that, you will appear very cheap and desperate.


Don’t make yourself available, either on social media or whenever she calls you. Don’t respond to her calls immediately. Get busy with something and let her have the impression that you are idle. 

Don’t be in a hurry to add her on Facebook or follow her on social media. Most ladies don’t like men who are desperate to have a relationship with them.

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