What To Do If You’re Feeling Unloved In Your Relationship


When in a relationship, you want to feel special. You obviously don’t expect flowers and frequent dates each week. It’s the little gestures from your partner or those subtle everyday actions that make you feel loved and wanted. However, it is also a common thing to feel unloved a few months down in the relationship. If you are feeling neglected, you need to solve the issue. Here is what you can do when you are feeling constantly unloved in your relationship:

1. Ponder: Sit down and assess your own feelings. Sometimes all you need is a slight change of perspective. May be you’ve watched too many love stories lately or have been hearing about your colleague or friend’s new relationship. These things can affect you subconsciously and you end up comparing your long-term relationship with something that is new.

2. Don’t leave hints: Your partner might not even feel that they are ignoring you or their actions are hurting you. So no matter how many hints you leave or despite several taunts, they might still not be able to get your point and you’ll end up feeling unloved again.

3. Don’t play the blame game: Accept and try to understand the situation and analyze it properly. Sit with your partner for an open discussion instead of a blame game.

4. Clarify: Be as direct as you can. When you are sitting in front of your partner, do not beat around the bush. Express what exactly hurts you and what you expect from them.

5. Keep an open mind: When you sit down to clarify the matter, be open to your partner’s point of view. Understand their perspective or why they behaved so. If they have some constructive criticism for you, try to understand and work on it. You can only make the relationship work with effective communication and an open mind.

6. Talk to reliable friends: If you feel the need to take opinion from someone else, talk to a reliable common friend or any friend who will offer you sage advice.

7. Think of the good times: Go down the memory lane and recollect all the special moments you’ve spent together. How your partner has made you feel loved and cared for you and how much they respect you. This feeling could be a temporary phase, so don’t let it affect your relationship or mental health.

However, if despite all these attempts, your partner refuses to budge or still ignores you and doesn’t work on making you feel better, take a sensible call.

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