Things That Make People Look Old When They’re Still Young

When a person reaches the age at which the process of aging is activated in their body cells and when they begin to seem old in relation to their actual age, they have naturally reached the point at which they have matured into their senior years. A few factors, which I will address briefly in this article, can trigger or hasten the aging process in a young person who hasn’t yet reached the natural age range where ageing might begin to show on the skin.



The following is a list compiled by webMD and Healthline the four reasons that cause people to have an aged appearance despite the fact that they are still quite young.

1. Addiction to harmful substances like tobacco and other hard drugs can age people prematurely if they persist in using them for an extended period of time. Toxins from these substances enter the body and invade the skin cells, causing them to become dehydrated, destroying key organic compounds that keep them tight and smooth, and finally turning the skin old by forming wrinkles.

2. According to Healthline, the light that originates from the sun helps to brighten the world. However, exposing the skin to the ultraviolet rays and heat of the sun can cause damage to the cells of the skin, giving the appearance of having the skin of an elderly person owing to the accumulation of numerous dead skin cells. As a precaution, wear a head cap and sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays. In addition, you should see your doctor about the lotions you can use to prevent sunburned skin damage..

3. Your body will be affected when you don’t sleep properly or when you don’t create enough time for quality sleep and rest, and if you also consume alcohol in excess, your skin cells will also be damaged, causing them to function below their capacity, which can cause your skin to look old while you are young. This can happen if you don’t sleep properly or when you don’t create enough time for quality sleep and rest.

4. Not drinking enough water to stay hydrated and not eating fruits daily can also make you look older when you are younger since your body and skin cells need water to carry out their tasks, and when you eat enough fruits daily, you supply your body with adequate antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for its maintenance and for getting rid of free radicals that can harm your skin.

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