Mother plays scary prank on her little kids by locking them inside room with ‘ghost’ (Video)

A video circulating on social media shows a mother playing a ghost prank on two of her children.

She put her kids, a boy and girl in a room and quickly stormed out leaving them inside all alone.

Immediately she was out, a ghost created with effects appeared behind the kids and it scared the spirit out of their bodies.

The two of them tried to run out of the room but on touching the door knob, they realised it was locked.

The fake ghost started hovering over their heads and being that the children were trapped without any foreseeable escape route, they began to cry profusely.

The prank was greeted with mixed reactions from netizens, while many found it hilarious, some felt it was a bit too risky.

Watch the video below:

c_codenwafor; This is not just ok

denwuka; I was piss for body when I small

sirius_ubah; This can cause an everlasting trauma

emjay_toh_pretty; This is so wrong

cerenorobs; This boy will never forgive his mama for this, even if he grows up he’ll still have the memory on his head.

Talking about seeing ghosts, a young man took to his heels after smoking a wrap of weed which seems to have opened his eyes to see what is not visible to normal eyes.

The guy sat on a pavement lit the weed and took one deep puff of the drug, however almost instantly he saw a ‘ghost’ and stood in fear.

He abandoned the illegal substance and started running while turning back intermittently to take another look at the mysterious thing he saw.

In the hilarious video posted on Instagram, his trouser was almost falling off his waist as he kept running.

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