Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba has cautioned parents on the kind of schools they allow their wards to attend in the name of giving them the best education they can offer.

In a self-recorded video, Uchemba revealed that most tutors in some schools in some western worlds have purposed their focus to brainwashing children and filling their heads with their own ideologies.

According to him, most teachers have been deliberately taking time out of their normal lesson hours to teach children on how they can switch genders if they are not pleased with their current genders.

He stated that children are being lectured on how they can switch their gender and why they need to do so when they are uncomfortable with their primary genders. He lamented that some children later come back home from school with thought-provoking questions for their parents about their true genders.

He stated that even though children are being offered the best education in these big schools, the educational system is morally draining the children and setting them up on new paths that in the end will destroy their future.

In his caption on the video he posted, Uchemba bewailed that the western educational system has eradicated the Bible from being used in schools and now have channeled their attention into filling the heads of children with their own ideologies about life with ill-motivated agendas.

He wrote; PARENTS BE VIGILANT SOME PEOPLE ARE OUT TO DISCIPLE YOUR KIDS BEHIND YOU: I don’t have a problem with adults being whatever they want to be but why are you forcing your ideologies on other peoples kids? Why are you intentionally putting ideas in their heads if you don’t have an agenda. You started with removing the Bible from schools , and later stopping prayer’s in school , and you are now telling kids that haven’t gotten to the age accountability that they can choice to be any gender they wish. What do you want them to do with that information??!

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