It could be recalled that Beauty was disqualified during the eviction show that was held on Sunday, August 7.

Her disqualification came after she had an unpleasant moment on Saturday night with her fellow housemate, Groovy.

After her disqualifications, her fans feel that she was not treated fairly, and as we speak, they are signing a petition to bring her back to the show.

The petition has so far garnered over 3000 signatories.


Some reactions from social media users are;

@Goldie189 – Definitely in as much as she has her flaws she also has a sweet side no human is perfect ,but she has realized her wrongs @beautyetukura we stand strong 💪🏽 ❤️✌️

@Mizsara6 – Yes we love her and will keep asking for a second chance, nobody is perfect and we understand that so guys please help sign the petition, it could be me it could be you tomorrow #BringBackBeauty

@Sarah37816340 – Yes she brings a lot of content.and a strike and warning would have been okay the double strike is too brutal on her , she now realize where her weakness is and promise to stop taking alcohol no one is perfect