Otitoju Reveals How Kidnappers Arrange for Ransom Without Getting Seen

Investigative journalist, Babajide Otitoju, has said that the real bandits are not the ones who engage in collecting ransom. Babajide made this revelation on TVC News while discussing the killing of a hotelier and a student in the Ogbomosho area of Oyo State.

Addressing the topic, Babajide Otitoju said, “The real kidnappers do not interface with the people who bring the ransom. Another group arranges for the ransom and tells you where to drop the ransom. People just make comments without knowing how these people operate. 

He continued, “The person delivering the ransom does not see them.”

You may have heard of a university student, Rachael Opadele, a hotelier, Mr. Olugbenga Owolabi, and one other, who were killed by their abductors in Oyo State. The death of the victims has since sparked a protest over the criminal activities of kidnappers in the area.

You can watch the interview her. (14:20 minute)


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