Keke rider arrested after squandering N3.7 million at night club (Video)

A man who rides tricycle (keke napep) for living has gotten himself into a hot mess after he reportedly squandered N3.7 million.

It was gathered that he was helping someone keep the money, but he decided to use it to make a loud statement at a nightclub.

A video circulating online shows him spraying bundles of money for fun-seekers at the club. He continued the money-spraying while leaving the venue and by the end of the night, he had reportedly sprayed it all.

However, when the person who loaned him the money learnt of his reckless adventure, he confronted him and demanded repayment.

The keke driver was unable to pay back the cash he spent lavishly, o the owner of invited police to arrest him.

A footage shows him sitting on the floor and being interrogated after he was arrested by men of the Nigeria Police.

The young man’s action generated massive reactions from netizens

Watch the video below:

abbeyz_delight; Ahhh…. To Impress who abeg??

wilson_uz; Village people don swear for this guy o…. You wan impress who😂😂😂😂😂

zanghi_; Doings na your mate 😂

domingo_loso; Photo! No be juju be that? You cannot be pleasing others and displease yourself. Now dem never leave you?

domingo_loso; After he realized his ewu behaviour, he was gobsmacked. Shayo don clear from em eye

dhbwholesalesenterprises; Eyah Pele dear, you can still go back to the club to collect your money

kayjibs; At least he had cubana feel for 1 night.. its not easy😂😂😂😂

officialbenison; I talk am sey all this hypemen go land people for trouble 😂

wisdom_hephzibah; this thing looks like a movie..was he under a spell?

discreet_fun_; Some people though!!!! Why do pass yourself??

kachitimmy; Who gave him such amount to hold??

6thingsz; Ah ah , things be Dey happen oh, let me speak in Ghana.

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