How This Oga Offering Me Groundnut Led to Us Having 2 Children – Naomi Mac

Nigerian singer Naomi Mac is most notable for her appearance on the third season of the Nigerian reality television series, The Voice Nigeria. Unfortunately, Naomi didn’t win the competition but she definitely won a new audience for herself. In addition to Naomi’s voice, one thing fans of the singer also love is her family life. Naomi was married with one child as at the time of the show. Now, she is a mother of 2.

Naomi Mac and family

In a new interview with The Punch, Naomi satisfied the curiosity of many of her fans by opening up about her love story with her husband. It’s quite a beautiful story and I also personally love the advice she gave about marriages and weddings at the end. Here is what Naomi Mac said.

Naomi Mac and her husband

The telling of her love story started when Naomi Mac was asked “Can you remember the first words your husband said to you? ” Naomi answered:

Well, it wasn’t about the first words he said but more of the first thing he did. He offered me some groundnuts. I met him at my friend’s concert in Eko Hotel in September 2015. He was the red carpet host and was meant to interview me. He asked me and my brothers to wait while he interviewed others. After a while, he came back to apologize to us for coming late and offered me groundnuts. I hated groundnuts then but he knelt and persuaded me to take it from him so I accepted it and ate it and that was how it started. It was a groundnut love (laughs).

After we dated for about two years, we got married in July 2017. I will say we didn’t have an elaborate wedding because we wanted a wedding of about 50 to100 guests and we didn’t elaborate. In terms of attendance, it was elaborate. Our friends came all out for us not minding if there was food or drink. It was like a concert; many of our friends came to sing and we danced through the night. It was more of a gathering of friends. We had our wedding party two weeks apart; our court and church wedding were on the 3rd and 4th while the traditional wedding and reception were on the 15th. One of my remarkable memories was when one of my favorite artistes, Tjan, came into the reception venue singing my favorite song Aduke. I screamed for joy because I tried to reach him to come to perform at my wedding but to no avail. Timi Dakolo also surprised me. Those were the high points of my wedding.

There is no perfect marriage out there but while going into marriage, I had an idea of the kind of marriage I wanted. Although I wouldn’t say we have achieved that entirely. The best part of our marriage has been balancing our differences. We are supportive of each other’s careers and go all out for ourselves. The support system we give each other is the best part of our marriage. We don’t make marriage look like a prison. It has not been a smooth ride. No marriage has a smooth ride. We have had down times especially when it comes to our finances. We have made bad decisions that affected us but we have ensured to rise together when we fall.

There is no manual for marriage. I never followed the rules my parents laid down in theirs, not that it was bad, but because I wanted my kind of marriage. The kind of marriage one wants will influence the kind of person one will marry. One needs to know oneself, what one wants and create the environment for that to happen. Don’t put yourself under any form of pressure for a big wedding. A marriage is about you, your spouse, and God, so let it be centered on those three people.

Naomi Mac, her husband, and their new

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