Emotional moment father and daughter burst into tears on her wedding day (Video)

An emotional father, daughter moment during the young lady’s wedding ceremony has gone viral on social media.

The bride was dancing at her wedding reception while surrounded by bridesmaids when her father decided to join her on the dance floor.

As soon as she saw her dad, the woman immediately started crying and fighting hard to hold back tears.

It was as if her own tears triggered his emotions as he also began to cry and it became a battle of emotional display.

He was spraying money on his daughter while tears flowed from his eyes, and his gesture made her also teary-eyed but she tried to prevent it from ruining her makeup.

The father and daughter held each other and tried to continue but the bride’s daddy got to a point that he could no longer hold back the tears, so he let it out and she helped to wipe it off with a handkerchief.

Guests at the occasion surrounded the elderly man and started consoling him. The roles became reversed and the newly wedded lady began spraying money on her father.

While the emotional display wa taking place, a female entertainer hired to perform continued singing without pausing.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, _oyiza wrote; This is so emotional🥺🥺❤️

veronicasdaughter;Even Papa dey cry…sorry o….ur side chic is going o!!!😂😂😂😂 congrats both of u

nikkilaoye; Aww #DaddysGirl like me.😢😢 Will forever hurt that I didn’t get to have this moment with my Dadda at my wedding 😢😢 #RestOnDadda 💔

godsent_desire_derayo;Some of us are not lucky to have a father figure in our live 😢

affordableshoes_etmore; My dad cried at my wedding😂, now made me cry too. And he would be forming strong man😂😂

chrissiekiks; Can’t wait to experience this with my dad 😍

bodynsoul4id; Only God knows how that tears come, I promise myself not to cry but for where I cried o 😂

sheiswura_; Me and my daddy one day….I love that man with all my life 😍😍😍

mandy_barminas; I wish my dad was alive to witness my day of joy🥰🥰🥰 God bless all responsible fathers

veronicasdaughter; Me? The day my daughters wee marry, their papa go cry like small pikin…me? I wee be laughing like foreign winch.

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