A lot of Men Desire us but Can’t Afford us Because we are not Affordable and Available- Blessing CEO

Nigerian controversial relationship counselor, Blessing Okoro, professionally known as Blessing CEO, has taken to social media to discuss on issues pertaining to her male counterparts, as she disclosed why a lot of them cannot date people like her.



The marriage therapist who revealed this through a video uploaded on her official Instagram page, stated that she still has a lot of things to offer in this world aside from lecturing people on relationships and marriages, and that is why she finds it funny when people say that she teaches people on such topics when she does not have a partner.

The mother of two further stated that women were created by God for a purpose, and men value those set of women that are pursuing after their purposes rather than hanging around them all the time.

The relationship counselor further stated a lot of men are hurt because she has been able to build her life without their validation, and that is why bloggers keep attaching her to men that does not exist.

Blessing CEO finally stated that a lot of men desire to be with people like her, but cannot afford to be with them because they are not affordable and available like the rest.

Here is Blessing CEO’s post below;




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