Keep My Relationship With Sheggz Out Of Your Mouth- Bella To Doyin



Big Brother Naija season 7 housemates, Doyin and ChiChi shared a conversation about the relationship between fellow housemates, Sheggz and Bella. Doyin told Chi Chi that she admires Sheggz and Bella’s relationship, adding that it is beautiful.

Chi Chi on the other hand was telling Doyin about the guy she is attracted to in the house. At that moment, Bella passed by the two ladies, they instantly stopped talking which made Bella think she was the topic of discussion. She refused to let it slide and started giving them cold shoulders.

Doyin immediately called Bella to one corner to iron things out. She explained that she wasn’t saying anything nagative about her relationship with Sheggz, but Bella was quite adamant and refused to see things differently.

She advised Doyin to mind her business and keep her relationship with Sheggz out of her mouth. She said: “If Sheggz wants to lick my feet, he should do it, and it is nobody’s business. I love it. Everybody deserves to be loved the way they want!!! At one point, you said you like Sheggz. If you still like him, you and I can’t be friends, but we can co-exist.” Bella also told Doyin that she has noticed that fellow housemates always talk about her relationship with Sheggz and she doesn’t care about it. According to her, if anybody has something to say about her, they should say it at her back.

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