Lady expresses disappointment over second-hand car her man bought as her birthday gift (Video)

What some viewed as a romantic gesture quickly turned to a sour moment that threatened the relationship between a guy and his babe.

The Nigerian man bought a used car for his girlfriend and presented it to her for her birthday, but she was not pleasantly surprised as expected.

In a video posted on Instagram, the boyfriend wrapped a worn-out Toyota Camry with ribbon and balloons, and led his blindfolded girlfriend to where it was parked.

On seeing the whip which has rusted paint, she was rendered speechless for a few moments. She collected the key and opened the car, but it was as if something finally triggered her and she requested that people stop recording.

The disappointed lady asked her man why he bought that type of car for her and even referred to it as a coat of many colours. He responded by saying that she is mocking his savings.

Their friends could be heard in the background wondering why she is not excited or appreciative of the gift.

Watch video HERE

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